how to celebrate galentine's day

how to celebrate galentine's day

galentine's day is a great opportunity for all the ladies in your life to celebrate the love they share. it's a way to let your friends know how special they are and that you care about them. my favorite part of galentine's day is watching rom-coms with my friends while eating brunch and drinking mimosas, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate this holiday!

have a girls' night in.

the perfect way to celebrate galentines day is with your closest friends. you can invite them over, make sure you have enough food and drinks, watch a movie or show together and play games! Or maybe even have a sleepover!

make brunch

make it yourself or go out for brunch with friends. if you make a meal at home, invite some friends over! you deserve a good time!

watch some rom-coms.

rom-coms are the perfect way to celebrate friendship. you can watch them with your friends, or you can watch them with your significant other--or even alone! they're just so much fun, and they make everyone smile.

so what are some of our favorite romantic comedies? Let's take a look:

  • think like a man 
  • clueless
  • brown sugar
  • enterglactic 
  • really love 

create a galentine's day playlist.

  • make sure you have a good mix of songs.
  • use a variety of genres.
  • make sure you have at least one song for each friend, and try to pick something they would like. if you're not sure what genre they prefer, ask them! or just search for their favorite band or artist on spotify and see what comes up (the first two results will be songs by that artist). you want this playlist to be interesting enough so everyone can enjoy listening to it together over some mimosas!

make sure you're wearing pink!

a lot of people wear pink on galentines day, and it's not just because they love the color. pink is a powerful symbol that represents support and solidarity in the face of adversity. if you want your outfit to be truly representative of the spirit behind this holiday, make sure you're wearing something pink!

if you don't own anything in that shade (or even if you do), there are plenty of ways to get creative with what's already in your closet. You could wear a pink scarf over an otherwise neutral outfit; try pairing a pair of jeans with an oversized shirt; or simply add some accessories like necklaces or earrings made from beads painted in various shades of red and pink.

tell the people you love about all the things you appreciate about them (even if it does make them cry).

if you are feeling like it's time to tell someone how much they mean to you, then this is the perfect time of year for that! don't hold back and don't be afraid to get emotional. this is an opportunity for everyone involved to feel appreciated and loved by someone special, so take advantage of it!

galentine's day celebrates friendships and encouraging each other.

galentines day is about celebrating friendships and encouraging each other. it's a day to celebrate the people in your life who are important to you, whatever their gender may be. it's about celebrating female friendships, but it doesn't exclude male friends or other relationships that make us feel good about ourselves and our lives.


whether you're celebrating with the people who love you most or just a bunch of friends, galentine's day is a great way to show how much they mean to you. it's also a chance to remember how important it is to take care of yourself first before taking care of others! and don't forget: pink goes with everything

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