how to plan a self date night

how to plan a self date night

so the first step to dating again is dating yourself and i'm sure you've been there: it's the weekend, you don't have any plans, and suddenly you're just sitting around. while this may seem like a great time to catch up on netflix or binge-watch some awesome tv shows, it can also be a lot of fun to take yourself out on a date! whether it's to the movies or something more creative like cooking dinner at home, self-date nights are an easy way to make your weekends more exciting—and they don't have to cost anything at all.

set up a self-date night.

to do this, you'll want to set up the date night. set up your date night by planning a date night. when you plan a date night, it will be easier for you to have one. to have one, make sure that you've already planned a self-centric experience where you can relax and enjoy yourself in an environment of your choosing!

if we're going to talk about how to plan a self-centric experience where we can relax and enjoy ourselves in an environment of our choosing (aka “planning”), we've got some other things to cover first:

how to plan a self-date night.

so, you want to plan a self-date night. here's how:

  • plan it! try to get in the habit of planning one self-date night per week (though if you're feeling particularly ambitious, go for two).
  • write it down! you'll need to schedule your self-date nights into your calendar because otherwise they'll get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. if you don't already have a planner or scheduler (and even if you do), write down when these dates are coming up so that they don't get forgotten about next month when things are crazy busy with work and school.
  • make sure it's realistic for your schedule! don't put yourself into an impossible situation by scheduling too many activities on top of each other—it's okay if those things happen gradually over time instead of all at once on the same day. And remember that sometimes life happens; just because something didn't work out doesn’t mean that everything will fall apart after all—you can always try again later!

you can do it.

  • you are not alone.
  • you can do it!
  • you will figure out a way to do this, and you will feel better when you do.
  • you deserve happiness and self-care, no matter what the world tells us or how hard it is to achieve in practice.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to plan a self-date night, and that you have a great time!

bonus: self-date ideas. 

  • head to your local theater and see a movie 
  • try a new brunch spot 
  • grab a smoothie and enjoy the weather 
  • get dressed up and make reservation for a fancy restaurant (budget allowing) 
  • plan staycation
  • take an art class 


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