green tea powder

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bring an energizing and calming ritual to your day with our ceremonial grade matcha sourced from directly from japan. taste the bright, balanced flavor in your lattes and smoothies for a light, refreshing cup with a smooth finish. unlock your self-care moment with matcha!

note: product photos have been edited altering the color of matcha, and videos display an accurate richness of our matcha.

whisk 1 tsp. of powder with about 4oz of warm water (and sweetener if desired), then pour over 8 oz. milk of your choice. enjoy and sip!

tip: for iced matcha lattes, pour the matcha mixture over ice and add milk.

100% ceremonial grade matcha, nothing added (naturally gluten-free and vegan)

- remove the label, rinse the glass jar thoroughly, and recycle.
- packaged in an upcyclable glass jar.
- shipped in plastic-free packaging.

- provides energy without the crash or jitters
- supports a healthy immune system
- reduces daily stress and anxiety
- aids in mood and mental focus
- boosts metabolism and detoxifies the body

ships within 1-2 business days.

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frequently asked questions

blended matcha is fresh, delicious, ceremonial-grade green tea sourced from japan. our matcha is organically grown and certified radiation-free and heavy metal-free. also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

yes! blended matcha is the perfect energizing swap for coffee. blended matcha is better for your brain, provides a gentle, sustained boost of energy, and won't give you the shakes or jitters often experienced with coffee consumption.

one jar can contain approximately 20 servings. the number of servings per jar can vary depending on how strong you prefer your drinks!