rose detox bath therapy

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rejuvenate and revitalize with the rose detox bath therapy. harnessing the calming qualities of its unique mineral blend, combined with rose and jasmine essential oils, this therapy offers a delectable opportunity to relax and detoxify the mind and body. with its soothing and muscle-relaxing effects, you can bid farewell to the tensions of everyday life and emerge feeling refreshed and enlivened.

add 2 scoops to warm bath water. mix bath soak in water and soak body for at least 20 minutes to enjoy the full, relaxing benefits of the bath soak.

Full Ingredient List: mediterranean sea salt*, himalayan sea salt*, magnesium sulfate (epsom salt)*, dried roses*, dried calendula*, goat milk powder*, essential oil blend

*certified organic ingredients

easily absorbs into your skin, intensely soothing worn-out muscles while relieving stress and tension.

store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and avoid direct contact with water as this might introduce bacteria to powder.

packaged in a recyclable pouch.

ships within 1-2 business days.

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